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Chaarge-Up provide a premium service at unbeatable value

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David Gooding launched Chaarge-Up in 2023 with the vision of being the most successful Social Media Management team on the market by prioritising 3 key areas:

1: Scientific-led Strategies

2: Value for Money

3: Great Customer Service


All of our Strategies are backed by Scientific Research and Data that enable us to deploy techniques that are proven to be effective. We are experts in Behavioural Science and understand complexity surrounding Consumer Behaviour.

Our Subscription prices are great value and affordable for most small businesses. We strongly believe the investment you make here will be paid back through increased Reach & Engagement, thus driving exposure and ultimately revenue.

Meet the Founder

Bolt Purple
Bolt Purple

Provide our customers with a premium experience at the most competitive price.

Enabling our customers to Chaarge their online presence by being a leader in Professionalism, Quality & Cost.

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