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Working Together

Why Chaarge-Up?

We Follow the Science

Our social media strategies are crafted through the fusion of behavioral science and data analysis. This method enables us to gain profound insights into consumer behaviour, optimising the impact of our strategies and ensuring efficient use of time and resources without any unnecessary waste.

We Prioritise Customer Service

We prioritise customer service, working tirelessly to ensure your success. Constantly seeking improvement, we strive to stay one step ahead of the competition, offering proactive solutions and a seamless experience. Your satisfaction is our driving force.

We Utilise the Latest Tech

We harness cutting-edge technology, including AI, and boast a rich toolkit to elevate your success. This technological enables us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring a dynamic and effective approach.

We Deliver Results

We consistently deliver tangible results for our customers across various KPI's. From expanding reach and engagement to driving conversion rates and brand visibility, our strategic approach ensures success across a spectrum of measurable goals.

Our Experienced Account Managers Will Provide...

1:1 Support

1:1 Support

Marketing Expertise

Behavioral Science Expertise

Organic and Targeted Growth

Organic & Targeted Growth

Latest Tech

Latest Tech to Improve Decision Making

Scheduling and Posting

Scheduling & Posting Content

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Support with Content

Support with Content Creation

Advertising and Campaign Management

Advertising & Campaign Management

Team Meeting

Account Manager from only £79


Proven Track Record on Account Management


Experts in the latest Technology


We Only Hire Quality Account Managers


Compete with the Biggest Companies

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